Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Music on The Waterfront by the Boise Business Co-op

 Viral Intermedia Production is a small local film and media production company. Let me qualify that by saying we are 'small' only in our physical size; our vision and desire is as large as any LA or east coast production house. We look forward to the big money productions and we get to play "Hollywood' or "Indie" when we team up with Sidewayz Films  as we did with Boise i48 Film Festival and the upcoming Sidewayz Summer Film Project. Our desired projects in priority order would probably be:

  1. Full Feature Film
  2. Documentary
  3. Made for TV Movie
  4. TV Series / Mini Documentary
  5. National Commercial Creation / Shoot
  6. Local / Regional Commercial Creation Shoot
  7. Web Clip
That being said, of the list above, the item that brings the quickest gratification is #7 - the web clip. The reason being is that they are inexpensive to make, highly effective and can be completed the fastest. They bring the person or group commissioning the web clip nearly instantaneous results in marketing, promotion or simply "sharing."
Case in point is the web clip included with this post commissioned by the Boise Business Co-op. The BBCo is a new venture in the Treasure Valley that offers members the benefit of social networking supported by hosted events featuring local area merchants, talent and vendors. Perhaps not a new concept in and of itself but what is new is their intention of supporting and complimenting existing events and networks. The BBCo does its best to create its events on alternate days and at different venues than those already in place. 
Its current Free Summer Concert Series "Music on the Waterfront" takes into consideration 'Alive after Five' and its Wednesday night venue at the Grove. MOTW is on Thursdays at Lake Harbor. Instead of beer gardens and rock'n the Grove, it's more about relaxing, sitting on the manicured lawns and listening to jazz, soft rock, or reggae while the young'ns fish. It's more about perusing the local vendors and concession stands where one has the time and atmosphere to visit for a few moments and the ambiance to carry on a conversation.
Viral Intermedia is a proud member of the Boise Business Co-op and is honored to support the other members in what ever ways serve. We are also happy to be a part of a new and growing tradition of "Music on the Waterfront" at Lake Harbor Thursday's Free Summer Concert Series. You will find our staff and crew there every Thursday along with our spouses and kids working and recreating at the same time.
Summer time...and the living is easy! 

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