Friday, August 28, 2009

MOTW Aug 27th The Lightning Clouds

Music on the Waterfront Free Summer Concert Series / A VIP BBCo EVENT

Last night's performance by Boise's own 'Lightning Clouds' was another compelling performance for the lucky crowd on the Waterfront at Lake Harbor off State Street.

The evening started off on the warm side but quickly cooled off as the sun set just west of Silver Lake.

The Music on the Waterfront (MOTW) Free Summer Concert Series crowd contained many regulars and a number of new faces as well. Talking with folks I hadn't met on previous Thursdays' revealed that they were in town visiting family and friends and were brought to the weekly event by folks who had made the lakeside concert a Thursday evening tradition.

The band was 'The Lightning Clouds' and according to their MySpace page, "...The Lightning Clouds is an electrifying 3-piece surf rock/reggae band from Boise, Idaho. Specializing in a rich assortment of original songs and accompanied by a plethora of songs from other epic artists, the Lightning Clouds sets are always tight, fresh, and unique."

There were a plethora (finally got to use that word!) of events going on throughout the Treasure Valley Thursday and so the normal crowd at MOTW was significantly smaller than usual. However, maybe because of the intimate atmosphere, there were more people dancing. Once again, the vibe was relaxed, friendly and ...unique.

Carrianne Recla of the Boise Business Co-Op which is the sponsor and organizer of the new MOTW event said that she was pleased with the growth and turnout of weekly event and was already looking forward to next year's Summer Concert Series.

As always Viral Intermedia Production or VIP was hand to film the event for our weekly MOTW web clip and to snap a few photos. Please check back in a day or two for the clip once we are done editing.

Web Clip Currently in Post Production:


Monday, August 24, 2009

208tv VIP Live Streaming

Viral Intermedia Production can provide an affordable alternative to broadcast or cable TV. Live Stream your show or event over the internet from as many websites as you wish. Every live stream is captured and archived for on-demand viewing as well. For more information please visit our website:

Monday, August 17, 2009

VIP Services - Hosting Domain Registration Web Design Web Servces (including Video)

At Viral Intermedia Production we will always work within your budget. If it looks like additional costs will be incurred, we will discuss it with you and seek your approval before proceeding. The figure below are general guidelines but can be used for calculating your project costs. For additional information, clarification, or project bids, please contact us by clicking here.

VIP TREATMENT is the standard and motto for Viral Intermedia Production. We create and deliver professional multimedia products and services and viral marketing strategies. VIP brings to the table a combination of resources including years of filmmaking, videography, and post editing experience (not to mention the hardware and software). Should the project require; we have full mobile lighting and production gear. As of 2008 we now shoot in Hi Def (HD) using the latest digital equipment – that translates into compelling video and a huge savings using digital storage as opposed to tapes.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

2009 August 13th MOTW featuring REBECCA SCOTT

2009 0813 MOTW Rebecca Scott
It was another great evening at MOTW. The question is why? Why is it so great? And compared to what? I have struggled with this question every Thursday since the inception of Music on the Waterfront at the beginning of this summer.

Music on the Waterfront (or MOTW) is an event put on by the Boise Business Co-Op (BBCo). It is a free summer concert series featuring local performers, artists and vendors every Thursday night through the last week of August down on the waterfront at Lake Harbor (off State Street). Food and Drink is available, also by local vendors.

Last night was different in some ways from the previous Thursdays yet the same in others. What was different was there were fewer people than previous Thursdays (with the exception of opening night). Also the weather was much cooler; in fact I would judge that it was exactly perfect last night where as on other nights I had to endure the heat for about 30 minutes before it cooled down enough for it not be a distraction. There is always a slight breeze coming off the lake until about 6 so it’s never unbearable. Also different was that the vendor tents were not all set up by the time I got there (usually around 6PM) like they normally are, but there seemed to be a lot of people helping to get them in place and it was accomplished in minutes. Later I realized that the ‘helpers’ were not BBCo staff, rather they were concert –goers who got up to lend a hand. It started to come to me then.

Next I saw our featured performer, Rebecca Scott, setting up while talking to fans and those new to her wonderful music. She did not seemed bothered or harried even though we seemed to be a few minutes past the announced start time of 6PM. Since we were tasked with filming our weekly clip of the band and the event in general, I thought that if she had time to talk to her audience, she would have time to talk to me – I was right! Rebecca and her band mates were very welcoming and when I disclosed that we intended to film, I found to my surprise, that she is camera shy! The other members of the band assured me they would help carry the interview during the break. They did and all went well.

It was getting a little clearer now.

While doing our ‘Man-on-the-Waterfront’ interviews, folks kept describing the MOTW event as ‘Relaxing’, ‘Comfortable’, ‘Pleasant’, and other similar low keep adjectives. I thought, ‘Does anyone want a relaxing, comfortable, pleasant outdoor concert?’ The answer was a resounding ‘YES’!

Then it finally became clear.

As I went from group to group of people at the tables, on the arena chairs or lounging on the grass amphitheater; I began to understand what it is that has caused this relatively new Boise Event to grow. Why I have seen familiar faces week after week returning (usually with new friends in tow). It truly belongs to us – the people who are there. Want to get things moving faster so we can get to the music? Help the band set up. Want to get everything settled and in place so we can relax and have a bite? Let’s go give the vendors a hand putting up their tents. Don’t care for what’s being served tonight? Bring your own picnic basket from home. Came to visit with friends and family? Great the music is not so loud that you can’t easily hold a conversation. Came to drift away on good tunes – well with the line up BBCo has come with (Rebecca Scott, Steve Fulton, Ben Burdick and others), you came to the right place.

The MOTW event seems to be our (those that have been attending) little public ‘secret’: Shhh! Come out back of the Landing at Lake Harbor, Were down by the lake having a little get together. Do Not Tell Anyone Else! It’s just some good friends so we don’t wanna spoil it. See ya about 6? All right , you can bring one friend. But don’t tell anybody….


Friday, August 7, 2009

Boise Urban Liason Magazine - the Treasure Valley's Lifestyle Connection

August 9, 2009--Boise

New magazine publishers Cheryl Beeson and Kent Cattron have commisioned Viral Intermedia Production to establish the web presence of their new endeavor "Boise Urban Liaison".

"This is the type of project we love" says VIP owner Eugene Boyle. "It is being created from the ground up and sky's the limit. Since Beeson and Cattron brought VIP in at the start, we were able to be in on the vision brainstorming sessions. We were able to establish a clean, clear and effective working relationship and the project has been growing liek a baby on steroids!"

VIP has been tasked with obtaining BoiseUL's Domain (, setting up their blog, designing and hosting their web page, facebook and twitter. After the roundwork is set VIP will be training the BoiseUL staff on back end web skills and setting up some additional databases so that they can work (and sell) wherever the business finds them. Finally VIP will begin shooting promo video for both TV and web.

Viral Intermedia Production is a local film and video production company located at 1121 N cole Rd in Boise, Idaho. In addition to video production, VIP also does still photography, graphic and web design, promotional strategies and event production.

Boise Urban Liaison Magazine has a unique advertising pricing model that will please and surprise their clientel. The magazine will feature news and article about the places and goings on in the Treasure valley with a focus on Boise. The first print run is slated at 10, 000 copies.

You can already find their website at and on Facebook:

For more information on Boise Urban Liaison Magazine - the Treasure Valley's Lifestyle Connection please go to their contact page by clicking here.

For information about Viral Intermedia Prodcution and VIP services, one may reach our offices by calling (208) 968-3404 or for additional contact information, please click here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pilot Error Lands on KTRV Fox 12

VIP's favorite local band, Pilot Error was featured this morning on Fox 12 KTRV. These guys are not only produce a tight sound but they engage the crowd like no other Treasure Valley entertainers. Friends of VIP know that owner Eugene Boyle has a dubious connection to the band. "Troy Nickell is my ex-husband-in-law", Boyle explains to puzzled listeners. Viral Intermedia Production is currently working on some media press kit video for the Boise favorites. Yes, I said Boise Favorites and it is not an empty boast. PE was recently voted Best of the Treasure Valley in an IdahoStatesMan Best Local Band contest.

Please check out Pilot Error video on our website

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MOTW - Steve Fulton 30-July-2009

On the Waterfront at Lake Harbor - Steve Fulton (30 July 2009)

Once again Viral Intermedia Production (VIP) was on hand to film the goings on for the Boise Business CO-OP. The BBCo's new Free Summer Concert Series is fast becoming the Treasure Valley's premier Thursday's Event. Music on the Waterfront  or MOTW is not so much the 'See and Be Seen' type of event that seem to flourish downtown; it is more about pleasing  music in a truly relaxing environment.

Last weeks performance was by Steve Fulton - a Treasure Valley Favorite

Every week MOTW has gotten progressively better and better. The recent shift to a later start time seems to have given folks just the right amount of time to swing by home, change into shorts and flip flops, grab the kids and come stake their spot on the lawn. As with every performance thus far, The Fulton Duo provided a private concert with the perfect blend of Jazz, Rock, and maybe a touch of Americana at the perfect volume that seemed tailored to both those that wanted to visit with family, friends, and associates and those that wanted to focus on the music. This is truly a midweek recharge for those with increasingly busy schedules. The day's concerns seem to recede into the horizon as the sun sets and one is left with good friends, good music and good times.

MOTW Free Summer Concert Series has two (2) Thursdays left this season and we encourage you to come down and experience it for yourself - it's VIP Treatment you deserve!

If the VIP web-clip is slow or choppy, please disable HiDef streaming, Cheers!

For information and prices to have your VIP Event filmed or promoted, please visit:
Viral Intermedia Production