Friday, August 14, 2009

2009 August 13th MOTW featuring REBECCA SCOTT

2009 0813 MOTW Rebecca Scott
It was another great evening at MOTW. The question is why? Why is it so great? And compared to what? I have struggled with this question every Thursday since the inception of Music on the Waterfront at the beginning of this summer.

Music on the Waterfront (or MOTW) is an event put on by the Boise Business Co-Op (BBCo). It is a free summer concert series featuring local performers, artists and vendors every Thursday night through the last week of August down on the waterfront at Lake Harbor (off State Street). Food and Drink is available, also by local vendors.

Last night was different in some ways from the previous Thursdays yet the same in others. What was different was there were fewer people than previous Thursdays (with the exception of opening night). Also the weather was much cooler; in fact I would judge that it was exactly perfect last night where as on other nights I had to endure the heat for about 30 minutes before it cooled down enough for it not be a distraction. There is always a slight breeze coming off the lake until about 6 so it’s never unbearable. Also different was that the vendor tents were not all set up by the time I got there (usually around 6PM) like they normally are, but there seemed to be a lot of people helping to get them in place and it was accomplished in minutes. Later I realized that the ‘helpers’ were not BBCo staff, rather they were concert –goers who got up to lend a hand. It started to come to me then.

Next I saw our featured performer, Rebecca Scott, setting up while talking to fans and those new to her wonderful music. She did not seemed bothered or harried even though we seemed to be a few minutes past the announced start time of 6PM. Since we were tasked with filming our weekly clip of the band and the event in general, I thought that if she had time to talk to her audience, she would have time to talk to me – I was right! Rebecca and her band mates were very welcoming and when I disclosed that we intended to film, I found to my surprise, that she is camera shy! The other members of the band assured me they would help carry the interview during the break. They did and all went well.

It was getting a little clearer now.

While doing our ‘Man-on-the-Waterfront’ interviews, folks kept describing the MOTW event as ‘Relaxing’, ‘Comfortable’, ‘Pleasant’, and other similar low keep adjectives. I thought, ‘Does anyone want a relaxing, comfortable, pleasant outdoor concert?’ The answer was a resounding ‘YES’!

Then it finally became clear.

As I went from group to group of people at the tables, on the arena chairs or lounging on the grass amphitheater; I began to understand what it is that has caused this relatively new Boise Event to grow. Why I have seen familiar faces week after week returning (usually with new friends in tow). It truly belongs to us – the people who are there. Want to get things moving faster so we can get to the music? Help the band set up. Want to get everything settled and in place so we can relax and have a bite? Let’s go give the vendors a hand putting up their tents. Don’t care for what’s being served tonight? Bring your own picnic basket from home. Came to visit with friends and family? Great the music is not so loud that you can’t easily hold a conversation. Came to drift away on good tunes – well with the line up BBCo has come with (Rebecca Scott, Steve Fulton, Ben Burdick and others), you came to the right place.

The MOTW event seems to be our (those that have been attending) little public ‘secret’: Shhh! Come out back of the Landing at Lake Harbor, Were down by the lake having a little get together. Do Not Tell Anyone Else! It’s just some good friends so we don’t wanna spoil it. See ya about 6? All right , you can bring one friend. But don’t tell anybody….


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