Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wendie Gone Feral

Initially we had thought to do this project to support Wendie's spot at IGNITEBOISE. Time grew short and it looked like the idea would fade into the 'we shoulda' memory file. However; the amazing team of volunteers and our generous sponsor, The Costume Shop refused to let a great idea wither on the vine. Once we ascertained that our model, Boise icon, Wendie Green (writer and blogger), was still willing - we decided to make it happen for the fun of it. Here's a teaser of the mini documentary we are producing for the project:

Teaser Trailer - Multimedia Performance Art

Subject - Wendie Green |
Make Up - Jenna Spencer | Jacko's Chop and Kustom Hair Shop
Sponsor - Robert Stevahn | The Costume Shop
Hair - Jami Jackson | Jacko's Chop and Kustom Hair Shop
Photgraphy - Krista Rauch | Kaybird Photography and Digital Design
Lighting - Nathan Mathews
Music Co-ordinator - Braden Jon
Production Stills - Cody Jordan | Viral Intermedia Production
Kraft Services - Dori Boyle | Viral Intermedia Production
Location - Panache Hair Studio and Day Spa Grounds

Finally got the finished mini-documentary polished up - enjoy:

Wendie Gone Feral - Multimedia Art from VIP on Vimeo.

Here is a link to Wendie talking about the project on

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eugeboy said...

looks for the completed mini documentary in about 2 weeks.