Monday, August 30, 2010

I shot Larry Gebert 3 Times....

2010 0830 KTVB Larry Gebert
This week as I ventured around Boise, looking for material for 208tv, I ran into Idaho's favorite weather man and KTVB icon - Larry Gebert 3 times: Once at the Treasure Valley United Way Flapjack Feed, once at the 2nd Annual Boise Curb Cup and then this morning (at about 5:30AM) on my way to work he was taping around the corner from our studio. With all the lights, remote van and hulabaloo going on, I thought I'd stop and check things out. First of all HE remembered me from all three previous encounters in the last week which I find incredible given that he has spoken to or seen everyone in Idaho at least once and add to that the first to times we were at events that had thousands of people milling about. How can this guy remember who he ran into an hour ago let alone a week ago? Well...between shots, Larry came over and talked to me. He asked about my business, he gave me advice about the new show we are producing, and he clowned it up when I asked if I could take a couple pictures while he worked. How does he remember people? He is a great guy with a loving heart towards the community he serves - thats my take on Larry Gebert.

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