Friday, April 22, 2011

Guilty Humor

 About 8 months ago I was at a party with a group of my wife's co-workers and their friends. I say 'their' friends because I don't see these wonderful folks on a regular basis but look forward to meeting up for special occasions and holidays. As happens to me often, someone asked me what I did for a living and once it was discovered that I produce video they proceeded to tell me how they had some friends that I should talk to. My standard operating procedure is to give them a business card and recommend they have their friend call me. This has happened a number of times and usually one of two things result: 1. The 'friend' never contacts me or 2. The friend does contact me and is excited to offer me the best deal ever: If I will foot the production bill and create their vision we will all make tons of money on the back-end. Although they have not the slightest doubt that their idea will take off in a viral way; they have been, up to this point, unable to raise any funds to get started and that's where they hope I will step up and partner with them. This is called a 'Blue Sky' deal and I am hesitant to confess I have went down that road a number of times - it ALWAYS rains on my parade! Something ALWAYS goes wrong and the project ALWAYS goes south. Except.....

This time the friend that had a 'friend' is a pretty sharp guy. He's a firefighter and that always gets you extra points from the get go in my book. Secondly, his 'friend' DID call and we had a great conversation. He asked if I had looked at any of their previous productions - I had not so he suggested that perhaps I should do so before continuing our conversation - which I did.

They were AWESOME! The website is I halfheartedly went to their site with the intention of watching one clip and ended up watching all of them! It is difficult to make me laugh and I was in tears by the time I was done. In a nutshell I was hooked. I immediately called back and asked what the concept was that they wanted help producing.

"We want to make a rap anthem music video featuring.... Jesus Christ", said Matt Haught (1/2 of the Guilty Humor Team along with Josh Zimmerly).

"uh-oh", I said nervously replied.

Long story short: I agreed to do it. We decided that Easter Morning would be the most appropriate day to launch the video and went to work getting it on camera. To see the teaser, please visit our website and to watch the world wide premiere of 'Jesus Christ Rap Superstar", please tune in at GuiltyHumor's Facebook Fanpage on Sunday April 24th, 2011.

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